Alle meine Leistungen im Überblick

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Judith Neidel - Physiotherapie


Physical therapy. Therapist addressing trapezius muscle


Heat and cold blend together in this stunning photograph. The scorching sun casts its fiery rays on a backdrop of icy blues, creating a captivating visual juxtaposition. Generated AI

Wärme und Kältetherapie

Craniosacral therapy massage. Therapist massaging woman’s forehead.

Cranio- Sacrale Therapie

A selective focus shot of a dummy with Acupuncture points and meridians

Traditionelle chinesische Medizin

A group of leeches used for therapy. High quality photo


An image of a young man at the physio therapy

Dorn- Therapie

Close up head portrait of young woman having facial massage in spa. Therapist massaging woman’s head against colorful background.

Cyriax Therapie

Just opened vaccine vial with inserted syringe for injection treatment on medical table. Vaccination or immunization care concept background.

Neuraltherapie – Quaddeln